2014 Winners

Democracy: A system of democracy ensures that people have a direct say in the regions affairs. In this case the people vote for their favorite food, chefs,drinks and restaurants. 

The GFAS are a People’s Choice Food Awards.Winners are chosen by YOU and announced and awards gala on September 28th.

In true democratic fashion, those with the most votes WIN. 

​The Nominees for Best Bartender Are:
1. Rich Ohtsuka
2. Koire Rogers
3. Michelle Bearden
WINNER: Koire Rogers

The Nominees for Best Food Writer Are:
1. Cathy Thomas
2. Dave Lieberman
3. Anita Lau
WINNER: Cathy Thomas

The Nominees for Best Indian Cuisine Are: 
1. ADYA 
2. The Clay Oven
3. Tamarind of London
WINNER: Tamarind of London

The Nominees for Best California Cuisine Are:
1. 370 Common
2. SeaLegs Wine Bar
Andrei's Conscious Cuisine
WINNER: SeaLegs Wine Bar

The Nominees for Most Delicious Dessert Are: 
1. Vitaly Café
2. Maro Wood
3. Waterline Restaurant
WINNER: Maro Wood

The Nominees for Best Seafood Are: 
1. Bluewater Grill
2. Slapfish
3. Scott's Restaurant and Bar
WINNER: Bluewater Grill

The Nominees for Best Asian Cuisine Are: 
1. Hamamori
AnQi Gourmet Bistro & Noodle Bar

3.  Ten Asian Bistro

​WINNER: AnQi Gourmet Bistro & Noodle Bar

​The Nominees for Best Happy Hour Are:

1.  Wildfish Seafood Grille
2.  Anqi Gourmet Bistro and Noodle Bar
3.  Chapter One: The Modern Local​
WINNER: Chapter One: The Modern Local

The Nominees for Best Tacos Are:

1.  Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant
2.  Taco Rosa
3.  Sol Cocina​
WINNER: Sol Cocina

The Nominees for Best Sushi Are:

1.  Bluefin Fine Japanese Cuisine
2.  Sushi Noguchi
​3.  Riptide Sushi
WINNER: Bluefin Fine Japanese Cuisine

The Nominees for Mediterranean Cuisine Are:

1.  Rosine's Mediterranean
2.  Zov’s Restaurant
WINNER: Rosine's Mediterranean

The Nominees for Best Italian Cuisine Are:
1.  Antonello Ristorante
2.  Cucina enoteca
3.  Mare Culinary Lounge
WINNER: Mare Culinary Lounge

The Nominees for Best Wine List Are:
1.  The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar
2.  The Hobbit
3.  Cucina enoteca
WINNER: The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar

The Nominees for Best French Cuisine Are:
1.  The Cellar
2.  Marché Moderne
3.  Pinot Provence
WINNER: Pinot Provence

The Nominees for Best Steak Are:
1.  Selanne Steak Tavern
2.  The Ranch Restaurant
3.  Steakhouse 55

​WINNER: Selanne Steak Tavern

the Peer's choice nominees And Winners are:

Golden Chef Award 
​1. Chef Alan Greeley - The Golden Truffle
2. Chef Andrew Sutton - Napa Rose and Club 33
3. Chef Michael Rossi - The Ranch Restaurant 
WINNER: Chef Michael Rossi - The Ranch Restaurant

Golden Pastry Chef Award
1. Chef Chef Dave Rossi - The Ranch Restaurant
2. Chef Heather Fisher - Selanne Steak Tavern
3. Chef Shelly Register- A Restaurant 
WINNER: Chef Dave Rossi - The Ranch Restaurant

Best New Restaurant
1. Little Sparrow
2. Selanne Steak Tavern
3. The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar Newport Beach

WINNER: Selanne Steak Tavern

The Nominees AND winners for the peoples choice are…

The Nominees for Best Food Talk Radio Are: 
1.    The Fork Report with Neil Saavedra
2.    Food & Wine with Chef Jamie Gwen
3.    SoCal Restaurant Show
WINNER: The Fork Report with Neil Saavedra

​The Nominees for Best Cocktails in Orange County Are:

1.    320 Main
2.    Broadway 
3.    Arc Food and Libations 
WINNER: 320 Main

The Nominees for Best Burgers in Orange County Are:

1.    Blk Burgrz
2.    Mick's Karma Bar
3.    Slater's 50 / 50
WINNER: Slater's 50 / 50

The Nominees for Best American Cuisine in Orange County Are:

1.    Arc Food and Libations
2.    Playground
3.    Paul Martin’s American Grill
WINNER: Arc Food and Libations

The Nominees for Best Beer Are: 

1.    Provisions
2.    Hopscotch
3.    Slater's 50 / 50
WINNER: Provisions

The Nominees for Best Mexican Cuisine Are: 

Anepalco's Café
2.    Sol Cocina
3.    The Matador
WINNER: The Matador

The Nominees for Best Pizza Are:

1.    Il Dolce
2.    Mozza 
3.    Pizzeria Ortica
WINNER: Il Dolce

The Nominees for Best Vegetarian Cuisine Are:

1.    Zinc Café
2.    118 Degrees
3.    Seabirds

​WINNER: 118 Degrees