The Golden Foodie Awards is a celebration of the Culinary Industry in Orange County

"Link to your competitors and say nice things about them. Remember, you're part of an industry." -- Robert Scoble


FACT: The Golden Foodie Awards are the ONLY food awards in Orange County where the votes are audited by a third party accounting firm.  

Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Who picks the winners? 

We believe Democracy is the best policy. The GFAs are the People’s Choice Food Awards. It is important that people decide who wins.

Who votes? 

This is a People’s Choice Award. During the week of August 11 - 17, all food and drink loving members of the community are invited to cast their votes.  Voting takes place at -  (NOTE: The titles of Chef of the Year and Pastry Chef of the Year are determined by Industry votes)

As a restaurant, can I pay to win? 

Absolutely not. This is not a pay-to-play process — awards are determined by a democratic system in which the one with the most votes wins. 

As a restaurant, do I have to work with a public relations team to win? 

Of course not. However, if you have PR representation, use it — after all, their job to promote you. If you do not, you certainly don’t need it. Be creative with your marketing and outreach. If you are active on social media, use it. If you have a large database of loyal guests, ask them for votes. Your loyal customers are the ones you want to reach out to. Campaigning is permitted in any democracy. So long as there is no bribery, couponing, discounts or other incentives offered in exchange for votes. Should that happen, the restaurant will be disqualified.

Can I vote every day? No. Each IP address is limited to submitting one vote per category. Voting multiple times does NOT help, as each IP is filtered out to only account for one vote.